Sunday, March 18, 2007

Rain Maker 3000

Expect unprecedented rain and clouds over central North Carolina for the next few months. I've just completed my new solar oven, a more durable version of this guy . Made of plywood and acrylic mirrors, the Rain Maker 3000 is sure to bring down soggy gloom on all your outdoor cooking efforts. The fact that I was able to set it up for a few minutes this afternoon only shows how nature loves to taunt us.

I still need to insulate the oven box, and find a good seal for the glass top, so all those precious BTUs I've worked so hard to collect will stay in the oven and actually cook something. Further updates as events warrant.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the oven, I look forward to hearing about the results.

Also, what is your strategy for the post-Easter chocolate/candy sale? Go for 1/2 price Monday or wait a week and hope for 75% off? Also, is Easter candy of higher quality than Haloween candy?

Thanks in advance,


Tom said...

Without Halloween's implicit threat of vandalism, Easter candy is generally of lower grade. Cadbury cream eggs being a notable exception. This means you can score some serious bulk if you wait a week, but you run the risk of pushing home a shopping cart of Peeps. Nasty, nasty things.

Low traffic drug stores are a good source of cream eggs, and you can sometimes find a full box on sale the Sat before Easter. If so, damn the price and whip out the plastic!