Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Pumpkin Pi

There are no holidays that cannot be enhanced by math puns.

Friday, October 13, 2006

A Lot of Good Reasons

The Wife's out of town, time for steak, egg and cheese biscuits! Uh... maybe just one.

It's Friday the 13th, and that means good luck for Tom. I found a new Jimmy Buffett album in the bookstore this morning. My head has been buried in the sand of work and obligation for so long that I didn't even know one was coming out. I just popped in to get A Prairie Home Companion and there it was on the new releases shelf. As a bonus, there was a new Neil Gaiman collection as well. Barbeque for lunch and all is right with the world.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Nothin' But the Devil

Font smoothing is the root of all evil. I spent the bulk of yesterday tracking down a bug that had to do with black and white bitmaps of text not being black and white anymore due to "font smoothing". Font Smoothing. Like that's going to solve the world's problems.

Great Scott!

Where does it end?


This entry brought to you by Mr. Grumpy-Drawers.

The Paul Thorn rock out marathon is no longer counted in hours. It is now a state of being.

National Novel Writing Month starts in three weeks. I'm gonna finish this time, or at least eclipse my paltry 6500 word effort of last year. I'm thinking I'm busier this year, so I'll get more done.

Speaking of which...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Where was I ?

Current Desk Inventory:

Two monitors (one 20" LCD with dual inputs, and an old 17" CRT), three mice, three keyboards, three thermal printers, one ink jet printer, one LCD signature pad, one signature pad without display, one laptop, two Windows XP Pro PCs, one Debian Linux PC, a wireless router, a scanner, a seven format memory card reader, and two USB memory keys.

So Tom, tell us why you only had one blog entry in September. Huh? Why?

* * *

You know what I like about libraries and bookstores? They're full of possibilities. Stories, ideas, new technology, answers to questions great and small, are all laid out before you. Of course, it takes some commitment to follow through and read the book or try the idea or build the gadget. That commitment comes at the price of the exclusion of other wonderful possibilites. But while you're there, reading titles and scanning tables of contents, the world, everything in it and beyond, is in reach.