Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Nothin' But the Devil

Font smoothing is the root of all evil. I spent the bulk of yesterday tracking down a bug that had to do with black and white bitmaps of text not being black and white anymore due to "font smoothing". Font Smoothing. Like that's going to solve the world's problems.

Great Scott!

Where does it end?


This entry brought to you by Mr. Grumpy-Drawers.

The Paul Thorn rock out marathon is no longer counted in hours. It is now a state of being.

National Novel Writing Month starts in three weeks. I'm gonna finish this time, or at least eclipse my paltry 6500 word effort of last year. I'm thinking I'm busier this year, so I'll get more done.

Speaking of which...


Fred Flintstone said...

From reading your blog, I think you show enough creativity to write an excellent novel (by excellent, I mean entertaining, not necessarily the next Slaughterhouse Five).

However, one word (actually many words) of advice - leave out discussions of black and white bitmaps and font smoothing. The boredom of discovering that problem was well reflected in your blog.

Tom said...

Ooooh. I see I'm not the only "Mr. Grumpydrawers" on the internet today. I'll try to be more entertaining next time. Because, really, you, and the other three readers of this blog, are very, very, special... to me.