Friday, September 08, 2006

Sure Sign

So I'm wondering around the house, trying to figure out what a "Path Error (-4)" could really mean, since it's not in the documentation and seems to have nothing to do with paths, when I step into the bedroom and see a unicorn head peeking out at me from under the covers. Light headed and dizzy, I slump to the floor, wondering which of her many offers was the one I Couldn't Refuse but did anyway.

Was it when she cheerfully volunteered to work the gas and break pedals with her hands while I steered the car? How about the time she said she'd be happy to cook strawberry cake with tofu icing and cheese for dinner? "Lawd ham mercy" I thought to myself, "I'm toast if I don't figure out what I did or didn't do."

"How's Tom?"

"Oh Tom... won't see him no more."

In a cold sweat I rack my brains, wondering which slight sent her over the edge. Kindergarteners can be so touchy sometimes. Maybe it was because I wouldn't let her watch movies all night and eat blueberries and cupcakes until the sun came up.

I gathered up my courage, walked into her room, kissed the big pink plastic gem on her Disney Princess ring, and asked her what I had done to cause her such unhappiness, and how could I make amends. With a casual wave of her hand she replies, "Oh, Mommy and I were just playing 'Unicorn Vetrinarian'".

As Vito himself used to say, "Women and children can be careless, but not men."