Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Move it on over Cyd Charisse

This morning I finally got around to hooking up the TV DVD VCR Suround system the right way. I finally found the cable to connect the laptop to the amp and have random access to all of my music from downstairs via the wireless network. I selected AUX on the remote and plopped down on the couch to revel in the fruits of my cleverness. When I looked up at the TV, I noticed Singing in the Rain was still playing, but Cyd Charisse, complete with green fringy dress, was cutting the rug with Gene Kelly to the dulcet strains of George Thorogood's "Move it on Over". It worked for me.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Solar Oven

Solar Oven Beta 1 is baking flower pot bread. It seems to be working well, though I believe lining the box with foil was a mistake. The extra reflection seems to cause a net loss in heat retention. I'll take it out next time and see how the flat black interior works. I also saw a tip about putting a piece of tile or stone slab in the bottom and letting it preheat for an hour or so, so the bread gets more heat from below, instead of cooking purely from the top down.

Note the temperature probe in the large pot on the bottom left. 2 hours and 30 mins into the baking process it reads 149 degrees. That's the temperature of the bread in the pot. I suspect the surrounding air is warmer, as the two loaves on top are much browner.

I just learned to cut glass in preparation for Solar Oven 1.0. The problem with the beta version is that it's too light, and the solar collectors catch the wind and make it tip over. I used this design
for the beta, and I'm going to use mirrors and plywood for version 1.0. The cardboard one works just fine, but I want something a bit more heavy duty and stable.

Wisdom is free, knowledge is where they getcha

The dishes are put to bed and I'm still up, so it's time to despense a little free-form wisdom. Pull up a chair and take notes, kiddies. This doesn't happen often.

1) If you only have one towel, dry your head before your butt.
2) Never get the green bean casserole.
3) If you push the button on on the parking break lever when you pull it up, it won't make that awful grinding ratchety sound. Seriously. Try it.
4) Don't believe your own BS.
5) When in doubt, have a PopTart.

That should get you through the rest of the month.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Savage monkeys run amok

Which I suppose is the status quo for savage monkeys...

So, I've started a blog. I'll leave you in suspense as I repair downstairs to santize the kitchen, start some laundry, and exfoliate the backyard duck.