Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 16,238

Today is the 16,238th day that I have graced the surface of Planet Earth. I know this because I put my birthday into Wolfram|Alpha, the new knowledge engine from Mathematica-Guy Stephen Wolfram. (I'll forgive A New Kind of Science.) It's not a search engine. Instead of returning web links, it creates a page of information about the topic you typed in. Give it 'The meaning of life" and it returns "42", so it's on the right track, but when I asked about Dec 12th, 1964, it returned:

Notable events for December 12, 1964:

(no known major notable events)

Obviously there are still some kinks in the system.

So if I had a 9 oz. yoo-hoo for every day I've been alive, I'd have 1,141 gallons of cold, chocolaty refreshment. That's equivalent to the amount of pure olive oil produced in California in 1889. The digestive implications of 1,141 gallons of either would strike fear into the lower GI tract of even a young man, let alone a geezer of 16,238.