Thursday, March 29, 2007

There's Something Out There

I'm one of those people who often falls into a rut and doesn't realize it for a long time. When things don't change, my perceptions get lazy and I am less likely to notice what little there is going on around me, which makes the my rut deeper and harder to snap out of.

It's a self-reinforcing cycle.

The upside is that when I do finally drag myself out of it the world is made all the more glorious for its sometimes tiny swirls of order and chaos.

You don't see what I see.


Stephen said...

I've seen your backyard and am currently of the opinion that those are some mutant hybrid weed-slash-air-fern combination that will eventually take over the world. Change your name to Seymour and get that axe ready.

Hey Tom.

Susan in Fairbanks said...

Your blog seems to have suffered (as mine) from N-Space. What does your backyard look like now?
-Clayer in N-Space