Saturday, January 28, 2006

Real Fusion Cuisine

Microwaves? Feh. My oven has the most powerful heat source in the solar system. So powerful, in fact, that I can stand about 93,000,000 million miles away, and still cook lunch.

Granted, after four and a half hours the pasta was more like tapioca (195 degrees in the cooking jar), but the chicken came out nicely (189 degrees though, I expect the lower albedo of the tomato sauce accounts for the difference), even if the brown rice was slightly soggy. At least it's an uppper bound; which isn't bad for late January at 32.6 North Latitude. Next time I'll do a series of Pastas, removed at regular intervals until I find the al dente sweet spot. I expect the way to go is to start the sauce first, then add the plain pasta and water later, so they're both done at the same time.


Anonymous said...

On a different topic..if you give raw food a chemical burn, is it over cooked?

Tom said...


Happy belated Birthday!

Remind me to call you.