Sunday, January 22, 2006

Absolute Power corrupts absolutely?

We'll see. I finally made time to finish it.

The Heels won tonight.

I am a happy man.


Anonymous said...

Absolution through absolute power?
If you find yourself in desperate waters, avoid the "on" switch.
Add two sponges and water for a formidable truth generation device. Favorite phrases: “This really will hurt you more than it hurts me,” “Golly, is someone grilling next door?”
New cats and power supplies: a warning.
Book title: Tom’s guide to fun with shorts.
Hey Tom!

Tom said...

Yay! The second comment!

Step into the light grasshopper.

Anonymous said...

Yes Sensi, I will walk on the rice paper, but I am not picking up the red-hot caldron with my forearms, nor do I have any inclination of drinking your red Kool-Aid. And that is my final answer. Roger, over and out.

Anonymous said...

However....if you have a wee bit of Black Cherry Kool-Aid....

Tom said...

A "wee bit"? Since when have I had only a "wee bit" of black cherry kool-aid?