Tuesday, January 17, 2006

On becoming more powerful

A decent bench power supply runs well into 3 digits, but good ones are all over, hiding in old PCs. I've been trying for two weeks to find time to convert mine.
{I was going to post a link here, but the url is longer than a blogspot line, so it just barfs, which is no great loss because any website silly enough to use the *entire* title of an article as part of the URL deserves as few incoming links as they can get. Ruff.}
[Reminder-because-now-I'm-a-grownup-and-worry-about-other-people: PC Power Supplies are Plug-Into-The-Wall items, so don't open them up unless you *know* what you're doing, and then you still have to be careful. Discharge those caps. And for the love of Pete, don't plug it in while the case is open. Also, like anything that has "wiki" in it, you've got to take responsibility for the consequences of believing what it says.]

Wow. Does that last paragraph make me sound old or what? I guess survival is hereditary.

Due to this and that (mainly an obsession with UltraCorps - see "Playing" links, a new cat, and now a munchkin with a stay-at-home cold) I haven't gotten much further than popping the top and cutting lots of wires. And I need some new drillbits. But then, everyone who has used drillbits needs new ones, so I'm not complaining.

Sigh. I've still got to clean up so I can organize my robot spooge, and find those firk-ding-blasted drill bits.

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