Thursday, January 18, 2007

Snow Day!

Ah, Snow Days. Those precious gifts bestowed upon us by a fickle Mother Nature, perhaps in atonement for rainy days at the beach, that spooky calm outside that starts when you tie the line to your new kite, or the dark looming clouds racing over the horizon when you just want to test out this really cool idea in your new solar oven, BUT NOOOOO!!!! That old hag has nothing better to do with her freakin' air pressure gradients than billow huge, grim, Old Testament, impenetrable clouds all ---


When you're a kid, a Snow Day is a free pass. Maybe you haven't finished your mobile for Ancient Greece Week, or Rudy Gimleson is going to pound you after 4th period because somebody told him you looked at his car wrong. Whatever's ailing you, a Snow Day is the cure.

Unless, of course, you work at home. In which case you have to sneak out early so you can be back at your desk by 9am.

I'm just saying is all.

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