Thursday, January 18, 2007

Marketing 101

I majored in Mathematics, not Marketing, which means that I didn't wear Ray Bans, drink all weekend, or hang out with guys named "Ralston Q Parkersmith III, but everybody calls me Spaulding". I'm not exactly a people-person. I'm more of a person-person. This is a good thing, because I'm uncomfortable with (ie annoyed by) those who refer to themselves in the plural. It also should serve as an indication that if you need to unload 457 metric tons of second-hand snow on Nanook's Home and Garden Supply, I'm not the one to consult. But even one as socially and sociologically unaware as I, has no trouble recognizing why the New Hampshire segment of the Chinese Food Industry is struggling. (Photo taken through the car window while on Christmas vacation.)

This quiz has one question and counts for 100% of your grade for this course. I hope you didn't stay up all night studying when you could have been shotgunning Goebels with Ralston Q and The Buds.


Anonymous said...

These idiots are giving away rice for free. Rice is a scarce resource and should not be given away to any Tom, Dick, and Hanchin who comes along.

What is my quiz grade?


Tom said...

The rice isn't free unless you accept the Pu Pu.

Quiz Grade: G (for Goebels, ya Bud)