Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mmmm Mmmmm Good!

There are very few human problems that can not be solved by the skillful and timely application of two hundred and forty pounds of manure. (You might want to cut and paste that somewhere for future reference. It comes in handy at the oddest times.)

The garden soil tested great for phosphorous and potassium, but was very low in nitrogen. I suppose the weeds/shrubs/trees I dug out took it all away. I find it strange that although the atmosphere is more than 75% nitrogen, I've still got to go buy some to put in my dirt. Yet another example of the Perversity of Nature. I spent over an hour mowing the lawn again (ie beating back that which nature wants to grow), and another hour or two digging and fertilizing the garden (ie forcing the growth of that which nature doesn't want to grow). I guess it's Human Nature to seek a challenge, and Nature's Nature to whack us on the head for it.

Further updates as warranted.

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