Thursday, March 13, 2008

Workin' for The Man

It's a bit of a tradition for me to not work on ACC Tournament Friday, but this year I've got both a real job and way too much on my plate to justify taking even a half day off to watch basketball on TV. Even if I could take a half day off I'd drive down to my Dad's and wish him Happy Birthday instead. (Happy Birthday Dad! Einstein didn't get all the March 14th Brains.)

As it is, I'll just post this rough composite photo from last December in the Dean Dome. Though the game was a partial sellout, there was a pretty good crowd. We just like to show up early and nosh the sumptuous grindage we call Dean Cuisine.

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Anonymous said...

It is only Saturday and already there is 1/2 price Easter candy at Walgreen's. I can't wait until Monday when it will be 75% off.

Fred "peanut M&M" Flintstone