Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ain't Livin' in Sin No More

Ever hear the phrase "Ugly as Homemade Sin"? Thanks to the fine professional gentlemen who have consented to paint our house in exchange for certain financial considerations, we are well on our way to asthetic normalcy. Yee-hah!

The living room and dining room are done. The other rooms are full of boxes covered in plastic, awaiting the return of a more palatable palatte. My office is still Navy Blue since they're saving the wallpapered rooms for last. It will be wonderful when the painting is finished and we can finally unpack. Mmmmm, domestic tranquility. Isn't there something in the Constitution about that? We need an ammendment regarding the colors tenants are and are not allowed to use in rented houses...

I thought the wife would be the one who was most aggrieved by our home's interior tragedy. Oddly, I'm the on who's most disturbed by it. But do I complain? Hell yes!

I'm holed up this weekend hosting a marathon programming party. I'm also the only guest. Still, it's nice to be able to cross off big chunks of my task list. PDF file generators fear me.

More next time I take a break. For now I'm back at it...

1 comment:

Fred Flintstone said...

I am surprised you don't enjoy living in a house that looks like a Sesame Street set. Instead of calling rooms by their traditional names, you could tell your daughter, "go to Cookie Monster's room, dinner's ready". Or, "grab your rubber duckie, time to take a bath in Ernie's tub."

But you decided to be the fun police and paint everything boring colors.