Thursday, July 13, 2006

Double Wide Paradise

Paul Thorn rock-out marathon hour 877.

I have lots of things to write about when I'm too busy to write about them. Thus, no entries for five weeks.

The beach was awesome, as usual. Communed with four of the five nephews. Hung out with siblings. Told bad jokes with my Dad. Took a stack of books that I didn't get to open. Got some kites in the air. Consumed much tasty comestabilia*. Ate NC Barbeque three times. Had taffy and orange sherbert on a porch swing with the spousal unit. Generally decompressed at a time when decompression was called for.

*You may know this as food. Hmm, maybe "comestabilia" should be food that you take home as a souvenir, like a doggie bag?

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