Thursday, May 11, 2006

20 more reasons to head for the Hill

11) Desserts at NC Museum of Art cafe - Raleigh
12) NC Zoo - Asheboro
13) Woody Durham on the Radio instead of the internet
14) The Chapel Hill Public Library
15) Cerebral Hobbies game store
16) The Crab Cakes at Capt. John's
17) Living 3 Blocks from the Kindergarden, Elementary and Middle School
18) Visart Video
19) The Caio Bella at Amante Gourmet Pizza
20) Tracy, our Reliable Babysitter
21) I get to go to my Dentist again
22) The Ali Cat Toy Store has Tinker Toys
23) Spring
24) Fall
25) The Backyard Deck
26) Egg Rolls and Kung Pao Chicken at Hunam before Carolina games
27) Good Book Stores
28) Good Used Book Stores
29) The skylight in our kitchen
30) UNC Basketball (Roy's Boys will rawk!)

I made a culinary discovery of Epic Proportions the other day. Jerk Pork Burritos. I prepared Jerk Pork per The Barbeque! Bible by Steven Raichlin and of course we froze the leftovers. Later that week, an inspired coup saved me a trip to Bruno's. We had tortillas. We had rice. We had cheese. We had beans. Well fine, we could have regular burritos, or we could just go HOG WILD and eat JERK PORK BURRITOS!!! They were really, really good. Didn't even need salsa. heh.

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