Tuesday, February 07, 2006

In the Dark Everything Looks Clean

A man looks out of his window at the neighbor's driveway, across the street:

"Mable! Com'ere an' take look at this! That crazy neighbor of ours is out in his driveway, washin' his car!"

"Yeah, I cain't hardly see for all the fog, but I think that's his four year old spraying the hose all over creation."

"No, I think she's the one throwing the soapy sponges all over creation. It's her daddy that's got the hose, but he ain't spraying it, it's just rainin' harder now."

"Well, If he don't have the sense to come in out of the rain, I guess he's not smart enough to know you can't wash a car right if you can't see the dirt."

"Lord ham mercy, it makes me cold just to look at 'em out there. It's gotta be 45 dee-grees by now."

"Should we go see if they're all right? I mean, you know, why would anybody be out there in this weather, washing their car?"


Tom's house, 10 minutes earlier:

"Come on Daddy, it'll be fun! Or, I guess we could watch The Lion King again."

"Sigh... I'll get the hose."

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